Robie and Dipper playing a drinking game like "never have I ever" but with like orange juice or something bc they're nerds
Psst Robbie wants to touch that booty pass it on

u could say,.. . , .,….he wants … . , ,the d(ipper)

Dipper singing along to this top 40 hits pop song when Robbie walks into the room and they just /stare/ at each other for a while and then a minute later they're both belting it out together with hairbrush mics like dorks
Wendy and Mabel secretly shipping Muffin Explosion from the sidelines
Robbie and Dipper starting a yt account together where all they do is play video games and yell at each other
I LOVE THIS BLOG BUT THERE ISN'T EVER ENOUGH MUFF SO HERE HAVE A HEADCANON Robbie had to change his cologne because his previous made Dipper sneeze.


hi can we send a text thing (if not pls disregard this) but yeah idk i was thinking of scenarios and i thought i’d like to share this one w/ the fandom

so like imagine they’ve been caught in a dire situation, just the two of them, like maybe there’s been some natural disaster or something, and they’re hiding out under a table for safety or something, and they’re both rly freaked out and they decide they should talk about stuff to pass the time and so they get on the subject of the “Cold War pact” that they had before and then they start remembering all these dumb incidents with names like “the spaghetti thing” and “that time Wendy took us to the movies” and they start laughing at their stupid actions and they can’t stop and they get stitches and eventually Dipper’s laughter turns into hiccups and the laughter sort of dies down and then Robbie snorts which sends them into a fit of hysterics all over again and Mabel and Wendy find them under the table giggling like school girls half an hour later

text submissions are wonderful!! and omg this is so great


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(dipper did you get a step stool or something???? idk man)